Zomato's Flavourful Brand Strategy 🍕🚀

July 20, 2023

Back in 2012, when social networks were still figuring out their flavour, Zomato's VP of Marketing, Pramod Rao, dropped a bombshell: "Social networks are for communication, not ads!" Little did he know that this zesty statement would become the secret ingredient to Zomato's recipe for marketing triumph.

Fast forward to today, and Zomato has mastered the art of tantalizing our taste buds while winning our hearts.
Get ready to devour their delectable strategies and famous growth hacks that have transformed them into true marketing maestros! 🤩🍽️

Honest Brand Campaigns. Courtesy: Marketoonist

😎 Brand Strategy

Customer-centricity and Relevant Content:

Zomato hears your tummy growling, even during a nationwide lockdown! When the world turned topsy-turvy, Zomato swooped in like a superhero, expanding its food delivery services to include groceries through Zomato Market. They introduced contactless payment and delivery options to keep us all safe. By serving up what we needed, Zomato won our loyalty and became our ultimate foodie companion. 🛍️🚀

Visual Advertising that Leaves You Hungry:

Zomato serves up the most tantalizing advertisements in town. Their videos and billboards are like works of art that build up your anticipation. With every eye-catching campaign, they leave us craving their delectable offerings. Zomato's visuals are a feast for your eyes—with their pleasing red and white style! 🎥📸

💬 Notification Magic!

Move over boring notifications; Zomato knows how to tickle your taste buds! They spice up your day with hilarious and drool-worthy notifications that leave you hungry for more. Even Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan couldn't resist sharing their witty messages! Zomato keeps you hooked with its irresistible blend of humour and food updates. It's like having a personal food festival in your pocket! 😂📱

💡 Combination of organic posts and paid ads

Paid Advertising Campaigns for Lasting Foodie Love:

Zomato knows the secret ingredient to maintaining our undying love: paid advertising! They sprinkle their brand magic by using Google ads alongside organic optimization. This dynamic duo ensures that Zomato reaches you whenever you're searching for your next foodie adventure. Their ads are like little breadcrumbs leading you straight to a world of mouthwatering delights. Prepare to be hooked! 🌐💖

Fun with Statistics:

Who knew data could be this delicious? Zomato sprinkles its app with mouthwatering badges like "India's Top Tipper" and "India's GO2 Person." They flex their analytical muscles and let us in on their foodie secrets. It's like unlocking a tasty achievement while satisfying our curiosity. Zomato knows how to make data fun and appetizing—bet you've never seen stats this yummy before! 🏆📊

Zomato's social media game is on fire, blending wit, food, and all things pop culture! They're masters at capturing our cravings and tickling our funny bone. From capitalizing on the Pokemon craze to understanding our eternal dream of eating without gaining weight, Zomato's memes bring a burst of laughter to our screens. Get ready for some belly-aching giggles while you scroll and salivate! 🍕😄

And it takes the cake (or should we say biryani?) when it comes to email marketing! Their emails are like a flavor explosion in your inbox. With witty subject lines and mouthwatering calls to action, they make sure you're tempted to take a bite. Imagine getting an email themed around the popular series Mirzapur or a "curryculum Vitae of Biryani"! Zomato's emails are like love letters to your taste buds, leaving you hungry for more culinary adventures. 💌🍛

🎨 What we can learn?

Now that we've savoured the delectable insights from Zomato's brand strategy, it's time to bring it to our own marketing efforts. Let's sprinkle some Zomato magic into our strategies:

  • Stay customer-centric: Understand your audience's needs and adapt your offerings accordingly. Be their go-to solution, even in challenging times.
  • Infuse humor: Inject some wit and humour into your brand's messaging. Engage with your audience and leave a lasting impression by making them smile.
  • Embrace data creatively: Find innovative ways to showcase your data and analytics. Turn them into delightful experiences that intrigue and entertain your audience.
  • Tap into pop culture: Blend your brand with trending topics and memes to stay relevant and capture your audience's attention. Connect with them through shared interests.
  • Visuals speak volumes: Invest in eye-catching visuals that leave a lasting impact. Use captivating imagery that makes your audience crave your product or service.
  • Blend paid and organic: Maximize your reach and engagement by combining paid advertising with organic optimization. Be where your audience is, and tempt them with irresistible offerings.

With these ingredients, you'll be cooking up a winning brand strategy that leaves your audience hungry for more! So, go forth and create marketing magic that's as delicious as Zomato's! Bon appétit! 🍽️🔥

Did you know?

Did you know that when you praise your competitor, your brand's perception improves? People tend to like you more and be more likely to choose you over the competitor. The brand is perceived as magnanimous and warm.

For example, the CTRs of a Facebook ad were 64% higher and KitKat sales were 34% higher when a Tweet praised a competitor, compared to typical self-promotion.

Source: Lingrui Zhou. Katherine Du. Keisha Cutright. Befriending the Enemy: The Effects of Observing Brand-to-Brand Praise on Consumer Evaluations and Choices. Journal of Marketing (January 2022).

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