Top ChatGPT plugins you need to know 💻

May 23, 2023

If you've got 20 dollars to spare and a thirst for AI innovation, buckle up! For $20/month, customers who upgrade to ChatGPT Plus will now have access to a treasure trove of ChatGPT plugins that promise to revolutionize your experience. Earlier in beta, over the next week, ChatGPT plugins are going to be available for all the PLUS subscribers.  

I am going to share a few of the ChatGPT plugins which are really helpful. 

🔥 Factual Fun with Golden

No more outdated answers – accuracy is paramount for a bright AI future. In collaboration with OpenAI, Golden has launched a ChatGPT plugin that meshes the Golden Knowledge Graph and Query Tool with ChatGPT. With 'retrieval enhancement', access up-to-date, citable facts in a natural language conversation – say goodbye to the days when ChatGPT incorrectly identified the CEO of Twitter!

✉️ Email Evolution

Get ready for tailored emails that pack a punch! 💥 The zapier plugin for Chatgpt pulls data from Gmail, allowing ChatGPT to learn your writing style and craft personalized messages that truly resonate.

📃 ChatWithPDF: Your PDF Whisperer

Bid adieu to tedious PDF document searches! With ChatWithPDF, just provide a temporary PDF URL and then ask your document-related questions. Reap the rewards as valuable insights surface from the depths of your PDF library.

🗣 Prompt Perfectly with Prompt Perfect

Struggling with prompts for your AI needs? Worry no more! Prompt Perfect helps you craft the ultimate prompts for ChatGPT. Just input your desired topic, and watch as Perfect delivers the goods for any scenario (e.g., a 200-word car-themed story).

🎶 PlaylistAI: Musical Masterpieces

Unlock personalized playlists for any mood or activity, from running and studying to house-cleaning and more. Trust PlaylistAI to generate playlists based on specific artists, popular songs of a decade, or even a lineup that graced the stages at iconic festivals.

🎞 Voxscript: Your Search Sibling

Explore YouTube transcripts, financial data resources, and Google search results at will with Voxscript, the ultimate search sidekick!

It's time to upgrade, and with these powerhouse plugins at your fingertips, your ChatGPT experience will never be the same! 🚀

😃 AI Humour

When the assignment is copy pasted from AI

Tool of the Day


If you want to supercharge your Excel or google sheets, that is use the power of GPT within the cells. Use a simple AI() in your cells and you would be able to use GPT within the cells.

💬 Prompt of the Day

Create a comprehensive resource guide for novices seeking to improve their skills in writing highly effective prompts for specific writing tasks. The guide should include a curated list of articles, papers, and books that are specifically focused on the tactics and sentence structure required for successfully prompting Chat GPT 4 to generate specific content with minimal redundancy. For each resource, provide a brief synopsis of the key takeaways and highlight specific quotes that will be most helpful in developing effective prompts. Additionally, include practical examples to demonstrate how to apply the concepts and strategies outlined in the resources to prompt engineering.

Reference: Michael Preble

This prompt can help to develop other prompts (a little meta :)).

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