The Incredible Journey of WOW Momo: A Momo-numental Success Story 🥟🚀

August 4, 2023

The Beginnings of Wow Momo

In the lively streets of Kolkata, two visionary friends embarked on an extraordinary culinary venture that would shape their destinies. Thus, the inception of WOW! Momo, now India's largest momo chain and the fastest-growing Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chain, began.

The Birth of a Tasty Idea
Sagar Jagdish Daryani and Binod Kumar Homagai, brought together by their shared passion for momos, dared to dream big while studying at Kolkata's St. Xavier's College.

The idea of creating a momo empire fueled their ambition. Binod's Nepali roots and culinary heritage combined with Sagar's fond memories of savoring momos from a street vendor kindled the spark for their venture. With a humble investment of Rs. 30,000, WOW! Momo was born in 2008.

 From a Tiny Kitchen to Momo Madness
In a tiny 200-square-foot kitchen with just one table, WOW! Momo's journey commenced. Despite the modest setup, the irresistible flavors and innovative varieties quickly gained popularity, capturing the hearts of many. 
Priced at a modest 40 rupees per plate, the momo madness spread like wildfire.

🚀 A Dash of Marketing Magic

To attract customers and expand their reach, the founders unleashed their marketing creativity. Picture this: two guys wearing yellow t-shirts, roaming the streets with trays of momos for taste sampling. 🚶🌭 Despite competition from street vendors selling momos at lower prices, WOW! Momo stood out with its focus on quality, sanitation, and mouthwatering options.

But wait, there's more! During the holiday season, Wow! Momo stepped up their game with some guerrilla marketing tactics. Taking a cue from big corporations, like Vodafone, who've aced this strategy, they made a splash at the Puri Jagannath Temple festival of Ratha Yatra. 💰

With an investment of $120,000 to $150,000, Wow! Momo crafted a dazzling spectacle by setting up 200 massive yellow umbrellas adorned with their logo, catching the eyes of beachgoers and hungry souls. 🏖️🌂

They weren't just promoting food; they were creating an experience, leaving an indelible mark on the beachfront and in people's minds. 🏄♂️🍽️

Navigating the Bumpy Road to Success

Every entrepreneur faces hurdles on their path to greatness, and WOW! Momo is no exception. Initially, they faced fines from government officials for operating without proper licenses.

However, through determination and perseverance, they overcame these obstacles and continued their upward trajectory. Each stumble became a stepping stone, teaching them valuable lessons along the way.

What's the secret to WOW? Momo's remarkable success?

It boils down to simplicity, passion, and an unwavering determination to never give up. These two entrepreneurs poured their hearts and souls into their venture, combining creativity, commitment, and confidence to create a phenomenon.

  • Every month, the founders of Wow! Momo dedicate a day to assessing their progress in realizing the company's vision.
  • Wow! Momo carefully selects the locations for its outlets based on factors such as footfall demographics, geographical positioning, and, most importantly, projected revenues.
  • To drive innovation and excitement among their customers, the Wow! Momo founders collaborate with food-tech experts to create new products within predefined parameters.
  • The founder’s thoughtful approach to their employees leaves a lasting impact. They remember the names of all employees and take the time to inquire about their personal family situations, making each individual feel valued regardless of their position in the company. This fosters a positive work environment, boosts employee retention, and enhances customer satisfaction.
  • After conducting an audit, the founder identifies areas for improvement. Instead of simply fixing the issues themselves, they seek to understand the root causes and the time required for resolution, empowering their team in the process. This valuable lesson in delegation contributes to the growth and success of the company.

🎯 Other Strategies that sets WOW Momo Apart from others 

  1. WOW Momo competes with street momos vendors who sell momos at a lower price. The high quality, hygiene and different flavors of momos give a competitive advantage to Wow! Momo over the street vendor.
  2. They serve an extensive menu of momos that cater to all taste buds, whether you're a vegetarian or a meat lover. From classic steamed momos to tantalizing tandoori and pan-fried options, they offer a symphony of flavors that will make your taste buds dance with joy.
  3. WOW Momo represents a mix of consistency, flavor, and diverse varieties in its exclusive product of diverse momos. Nowadays 12 different momo flavors are available in 3 types, e.g., steamed, fried, and pan-fried momo. Flour variants are mostly mainly white and brown.

Expanding Globally: From India to China and Beyond 🌏🥟

WOW! Momo's aspirations soar with each passing year, aiming to become India's version of McDonald's, spreading their momo magic worldwide. By 2021, their ambitious plan includes adding 400 more outlets to their already extensive network. The company's dreams transcend the Indian borders, as they set their sights on penetrating the vast Chinese market with their Wow Momo diversification plan.

Entering China presents a strategic opportunity for significant growth and brand exposure in one of the world's largest economies. Wow, Momo aims to capitalize on China's increasing interest in fast-casual dining and international cuisine, adapting its successful Indian fast-food concept to suit local Chinese taste preferences.

With a carefully crafted menu, localized branding, and effective marketing, Wow Momo's foray into China promises to be a delightful blend of flavours, cultures, and business success, catering to the eager Chinese customers.

But the journey doesn't stop there. WOW, Momo has its sights on conquering the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and more, spreading its mouthwatering Momo experience across the globe. 🌎🥟


WOW! Momo's story is a testament to the power of a brilliant idea, determination, and a sprinkle of Momo magic. From a small kitchen to a nationwide sensation, they have carved their place in the hearts and taste buds of millions. So, next time you take a bite of a mouthwatering momo, remember the remarkable journey behind it. 

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