The Best CTA Buttons: Your Ultimate Guide to Captivating Clicks! 💥🔝

October 7, 2023
Product & Growth

Thinking about call-to-action (CTA) examples can be as snooze-inducing as counting sheep. 😴 
But fear not! We've got your back with some seriously captivating CTA buttons that will have your audience clicking away like never before.

Say goodbye to those boring and uninspiring CTAs because we've curated the most unique, creative, and successful examples that will give your marketing game a serious wake-up call! ☀️

Make it risk-free 🤝

Let's face it, commitments can be scary. Nobody wants to sign their soul away without a trial run. Take a cue from Airbnb—they understand that becoming a host is a big commitment.

 - Instead of using the intimidating "Become a host" CTA, they opt for the more inviting "Try Hosting" option.

 By eliminating the commitment, they let potential hosts dip their toes in the water without diving headfirst.

 - Plus, Airbnb goes the extra mile by connecting new hosts with experienced Superhosts—talk about killing objections! 🏡🌟

Play up your USP 🌟

Want your CTA to stand out from the crowd? Highlight your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). For example, imagine a soap brand saying, "Order a hand-made soap now!" 

By emphasizing the handmade aspect, they create intrigue and set themselves apart. It's all about making your audience think, "I've got to try this!" 🛁✨

Free takes away a lot of stress 🎁

Everybody loves free stuff! When something doesn't come with a price tag, it feels risk-free. Take Grammarly, for instance. Instead of immediately asking users to sign up and pay, they offer a kickass free tier that builds trust first.

By focusing on making users better, they create a strong CTA that entices users to click. It's all about the value and removing barriers! ✍️🆓

Create a Sense of Urgency ⏳

Want to boost click-through rates? Add a dash of urgency to your CTA.

Try using button text like "Sign Up and Get 50% Off Today Only!" or "Download the Build Apps E-Course for $30 $10!" Even the simple addition of "now" can create a subtle sense of urgency. Urgency equals action! So, why wait? ⚡️

Handle objections smoothly ✋

Reducing risks and objections can make your CTA more enticing. Typeform nails it by keeping things clean and effortless. They make clicking the CTA feel like a breeze.

Who wouldn't want to give it a try? Keep objections at bay, and watch the clicks roll in! 🙌

Make it a benefit 🎁

People love receiving things—gifts, value, knowledge. 
But giving away things?

Not so much.

- Instead of a generic "Sign up for our newsletter," turn it into a benefit-driven CTA like "Get more info" just like Square does.

Focus on what your audience wants to receive, and they'll be clicking away in no time! 💡

Go with a first-person speech 👤

Put yourself in your customer's shoes. Michael Aagard's study showed that changing button text from second person ("get your free template") to first person ("get my free template") resulted in a 90% increase in clicks! So, get personal and boost those click-through rates! 👟

Make it highly specific 🎯

Clear, specific CTAs help users know exactly what they're getting into.

Airbnb nails it again with their "Sign me up for that castle" CTA. By being specific, they eliminate the back-and-forth and simplify the user journey. Plus, these CTAs are accessible and SEO-friendly. Win-win! 🏰🔍

Make it exclusive instead of urgent 💎

Nobody likes being pushed into a corner, but everyone wants to feel special. Linktree understands this psychology and uses exclusivity to drive signups. Their CTA implies that if you don't claim your special link with your name, someone else might! It's a subtle way to create a sense of urgency without being pushy. Get in on the exclusive action! 👥🔒

Highlight social proof 👥🌟

We're all suckers for what others like. Social proof can be a powerful tool to boost the perceived value of your product or service. ClickUp nails it by leveraging reviews right below their CTA. By showcasing recommendations and reviews, they make users feel like they're part of a thriving community. People trust what others love! 

What do all these buttons have in common?

They're not pushy, they stand out, they offer a compelling reason to click, and they focus on making lives easier and better. The best CTAs don't feel like marketing—they feel like an exciting opportunity! So, give your CTAs a makeover and watch the clicks pour in. Get ready for some serious engagement! 🚀✨

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