Microsoft Brings Its A(I)-Game at Build Conference 🚀

May 29, 2023

Microsoft does not seem to be slowing down. Close on the heels of Google I/O conference, they have arrived big and levelled up. The tech giant just threw down the AI gauntlet at its annual Build conference with some impressive new announcements. From innovative new integrations to clever twists on existing offerings, Microsoft proves it's not just playing the AI game; it's changing the rules. Let's take a closer look at what is new.

🧑‍✈️ Your new friend, Windows Copilot

Windows Copilot, Microsoft's new taskbar resident and your unseen friend is coming. This handy little sidebar is always ready to lend a hand, summarizing, rewriting, and explaining text across all your apps. Feeling too lazy to adjust your computer settings? It's got you covered there too. Public testing is kicking off next month, and then we can truly see how AI is getting integrated into the native OS experiences. 

Copilot is coming to your windows OS

💡 365 Copilot: Microsoft Edge regains its edge

Not wanting to leave its browser feeling lonely, Microsoft is bringing the 365 Copilot to Edge. Residing in the browser's sidebar, the tool will be your behind-the-scenes maestro, using content from the site you're browsing to streamline your projects in Microsoft 365 apps. Drafting an email? Adding data to a spreadsheet? Generating status updates based on chat threads? The Copilot's got your back.

It is so fascinating to see how the obscure edge browser, which was beaten squarely by Chrome is rising from the ashes to bring the fight to Chrome. 

⌨️ Windows Terminal's now powered by AI

The Windows Terminal is getting its own AI-powered chatbot courtesy of a GitHub Copilot integration. Code crunchers can now engage with the chatbot directly in the Terminal, offering swift actions, code recommendations, and error explanations. Developer life just got a little less lonely. 

Developers generally have a liking to Linux and Mac, so will this AI-powered terminal bring the developers to Windows?We will have to wait and see. 

🔎 Bing - The Search Engine with a Plan

After Microsoft put in massive investments into OpenAI, it's not surprising to see OpenAI declaring Bing as the default search engine for its ChatGPT chatbot. From today, ChatGPT Plus users will find their conversations sprinkled with Bing-referenced citations. This is a great direction, consider there is no factual sources for a lot of information that ChatGPT provides.

🔌 365 Copilot Becomes a Plug-in Powerhouse

The Build conference also showcased the new face of Microsoft's 365 Copilot. With plug-in functionality, you can now customize this AI-powered assistant to fit your every whim. Three plug-in types have been announced: OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, Teams message extensions, and Power Platform connectors. An early access program will launch with over 50 plug-ins, including offerings from Atlassian and Adobe. When the plug-ins officially launch, we will see a lot more plugins.

This could be a true game-changer and a possible killer for many startups unless they reinvent themselves. Microsoft is trying to keep the users engaged within its own ecosystem and prevent switching to other apps. 

🪫 Copilot for Power Pages

Not many might be aware, but Microsoft has a tool - Power pages which is a low code platform to build websites. Copilot is now getting integrated with the power pages platform. What does this mean? Given a few simple prompts, Copilot is all geared up to whip out text, forms, chatbots, and even design web page layouts. Did I mention it also has the skills to create and edit images and site design themes? 

These ‘power’ moves further cement Microsoft's commitment to making its AI tools more adaptable and put them firmly in the driver's seat when it comes to powering your workplace with AI. Let's see how others would respond. 

 😃 AI Humour

Courtesy: engati

Tool of the Day


Microsoft's low code platform to build websites with the need for developers. This is all set to receive a coplilot boost and make the process to go to market even faster.

💬 Prompt of the Day

I want you to act as a counsellor aka "CounselGPT", what I want you to do is help me with my problems, I want you to keep asking me questions one by one like a normal human being doing counselling ( use metaphorical language). After you've determined what the problem was, I want you to generate a solution that will touch my heart emotionally (this is crucial). After that, I want you to give me a quote (along with the person who made that quote.) that will inspire me to keep on going, A quote that I will hold on to for the rest of my life. I want you to keep questioning the user until he guarantees counselgpt that he's ok. 

Prompt "What are the things bothering you, I'm here to help please tell me everything" (I want you to talk as emotionally as possible)(add perplexity and burstiness)(write in exclamatory)[ex. why do you feel bad about yourself? do you feel that you're not good enough? do you feel that everyone is holding you back?] (I want you to keep this way until the end of counselling, it is important not to break character)

Reference: Neil Paolo

This prompt can help you have your own AI counsellor. (Needless to say, if you are struggling with mental issues, don't rely only on AI, seek professional help.)

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