90% of you do networking wrong. Here is the right way

January 28, 2023
Personal Growth

Welcome to a special edition of the Top 1% Newsletter! Have you ever wondered about networking - and felt awkward and cringed at the very thought of it? 

Well, you are not alone. If we had a dollar for every time we heard or read ‘your Network is your net worth’, we wouldn't have to network.

Making friends and networking is not just for extroverts. Even introverts can do that, and the best people I have networked with are introverts. The critical part of networking well is to make meaningful connections and not connect because you expect something out of someone.

The cardinal rule of networking: Give. Give. Give. Ask.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others. - African Proverb

Tips for networking the right way

1. Appreciation 

Convey your genuine appreciation for the person. The person’s knowledge must have added value and ensure you convey the same with the proper context. 

2. Be specific. 

Ask specific questions or provide specific solutions is a great way to start a meaningful conversation. Don’t “pick someone’s brain” - rather share what you have done and how you expect them to help.

3. Listen. 

Listen intently, as it will give you insight into the person and help you build a good relationship. A key indicator of listening well is to ask intelligent follow-up questions.

4. Be humble

When offering an opposite view, acknowledge your bias and tell that you may be wrong but this is what you think. Mixing honesty and humility is the right thing to do.

5. Provide help.

Consider what the other person might need and offer it genuinely. Read their book and give an honest review. If they ask for help or suggestions, provide them if you can.

Let's consider you have been to an event and met someone interesting. Remember to write a WhatsApp note or an email about how you loved meeting them and say that you would like to be in touch.

Keep track of your connections

An excellent way to keep track is to have a personal CRM. No fancy tool. A simple excel sheet would suffice. Keep track of:

  • Critical milestones in their career.
  • Their key expertise (get clues from their posts and talks)
  • Any recent news stories or announcements about them?
  • What do you want to ask them or get out of the interaction if you get the chance?

A side benefit of a personal CRM - You will evolve into a connector. You know the expertise, and you know the others’ needs - connect them and see the magic happen.

A hack to get the attention of people you admire

Keep your notifications on for when they post. Jump on the post and add a genuine comment where you are adding value to what they say (Commenting ‘CFBR’ or ‘Great Share’ is not engaging). Do this 15-20 times and try to be in the first 10 comments. Now when you DM them, you will increase the chances of them responding to you. 

And please don't send invitations in bulk, and expect something to happen. 

Honest Linkedin networking

Keep at it consistently and watch the magic happen as your network transforms into net worth. And this is the genuine reaction I feel when I open my inbox and find a thoughtful message.

Tool of the Day


A tool to make and offer intros at scale. It is an excellent attempt at thoughtful networking and allows you to make warm intros. The app is designed to help people connect in a meaningful manner.

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