How AI can shape the future of movies? 🎥

May 3, 2023

A small movie clip was recently generated with the Avengers cooking dishes starring Gordon Ramsay. We have seen a lot of innovation in text and image generation, and now video generation is catching up. Joe Russo, the co-director of “Avengers: Endgame“ predicts that in 2 years, AI can make a full movie itself. It might look like science fiction now, but we are very close. Let’s understand a bit more about AI-generated video content. 


🖥 The video generation tech stack

Let us look at the different tools that are used to generate the videos. While the actual tools might differ from video to video, the requirements of the tools will remain the same.

  • Script generation: Good old ChatGPT can generate decent scripts with the right prompts.
  • Image generation: Midjourney is the gold standard for images while Stable diffusion is catching up.
  • Text to Video: The most crucial tool in the tech stack - RunwayML is current state of the art for generating videos from text.
  • Avatars: For making avatars talk, D-ID is a very good tool.
  • Voiceovers: Eleven labs can provide digitally any voiceover you want.
  • Music: Soundraw AI music can help you create the type of music you want.

There you go! You have the complete tech stack for an AI video production. A lot of interesting videos from ads, movie trailers, and song videos have been produced. Currently, these videos look quite artificial, but we can get photorealistic quality with more advancements.

🤔 What is the future of entertainment with AI?

The way movies are produced could completely change. Instead of shooting a fixed 90-minute movie that's the same for everyone, the future might involve shooting 500-1000 minutes of content - various shots, takes, scenarios, different beginnings and endings, and so on.

Basically, a bank of content that could be fed into AI. Based on what you like, AI will design the final movie, completely unique to you. Not just based on your preferences but also your mood. For example, if you prefer a happy ending, more humour, and less action or fewer songs, AI will create your own version of that movie. It might even change the plot in real-time based on your facial reactions.The best part, you could watch the same movie multiple times and it’s unique every time.

Netflix is already doing a lot of personalization using AI - the thumbnails you see, movie suggestions, etc. With evolving AI, the movie experience can go to the next level.

😃 AI Humour

Tool of the Day


An end-to-end tool for video production - you can write, record, transcribe, edit and even share and collaborate. The best part is the editing feature - you edit the transcript of the video and the corresponding video reflects the same.

💬 Prompt of the Day

Create a list of 3 startup ideas in AI. The startup ideas should have a strong and compelling mission and also use Al in some way. Avoid cryptocurrency or blockchain. The startup ideas should have a cool and interesting name. The ideas should be compelling enough so that investors will be excited to invest millions of dollars without doing much due diligence.

Reference: barsee

This prompt can help you generate new startup ideas with sufficient description.

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