Cracking how to answer ‘Why should we hire you?’ 🕵️‍♀️

October 7, 2023
Personal Growth

Greetings, job seekers of the universe! 👋 2023 is in full swing, and we all know the age-old job interview question, "Why should we hire you?" is still giving us those "What in the world do I say?!" vibes. 

Fear not! We're here to save the day and make this tricky question a piece of cake (with some witty frosting on top! 🍰).

Why Do Interviewers Grill Us with This Question Anyway?

Picture this: you're in the hot seat, and the interviewer pops the million-dollar question. "Why should we hire you?" They're not just trying to see how well you squirm—no, they want to gauge if you're the perfect fit for the gig and the company! It's your chance to give them a short elevator pitch and sell yourself like a pro! 💼💪 

So, let's break down the best ingredients for the right answer, shall we? 🍽️

Post-Offer Negotiation

1️⃣ Show Off Your Skills and Experience

When you tackle this question, don't hold back on flaunting your professional prowess! 🌟 Highlight those skills and experiences that directly align with the job you're aiming for. But, here's the secret sauce: don't just talk, walk the talk! 🔥 Sprinkle your answer with examples, achievements, and real-life success stories to add that extra flavor.

💡Sample Answer: "Why should we hire you? Because I'm the master of pay-per-click advertising! At my last gig, I took over an ad account and bam! Improved the return on ad spend by a whopping 12% within just 3 months!💰"

2️⃣Explain How You'll Make the Company Shine

At the end of the day, jobs are all about getting stuff done! If you're eyeing a marketing role, your goal is to generate leads! Customer support? Deliver stellar service! Serve it up with your experience and skills—show them how you're the secret recipe for their success! 🚀

💡 Sample Answer: "You need event magic, and I've got the wand! 🪄✨ As an experienced event planner, I've brainstormed over 30 killer event ideas in my last role, executing a solid 10! Most of them drew in more than 50 participants each on average. Imagine what I can do for your brand!"

3️⃣ Showcase Your Unique Skills

Feeling bold and brimming with confidence? Spice up your answer by showing off those one-of-a-kind skills that set you apart! Got media connections for that PR manager role? Bam! You're already in their network! Don't shy away from your past experiences either; they might be the secret ingredient for your future triumphs!
💡 Sample Answer: "Media connections, anyone? I'm the PR manager with a golden network!  With access to top influencers and publications, I can get your brand soaring! And hey, I may be transitioning from customer service to sales, but my communication skills and customer insights? Pure gold! "

4️⃣ Do Your Homework

Research is your secret weapon! 🕵️‍♂️ Dig deep and find out what the company's been up to—understand their pains and gains. When you weave in something specific you learned about the company, they'll know you're the empathetic problem solver they've been searching for!
💡 Sample Answer: "Your traffic and paid ads need a boost? I'm a data-savvy problem-solver!  I checked out your Ahrefs performance and cooked up a plan—restructure pillar pages, whip up some TOFU materials, and voilà! Brand awareness soaring, paid ads issue is solved! I've got the stats to back it up!" 📈💡

5️⃣ Serve Up Some Quantifiable Achievements

It's time to let those numbers do the talking! 📈 Highlight your past achievements with hard data to back it up. They'll drool over your track record of success, and you'll leave them eager to see what you can cook up in the future!

💡Sample Answer: "Efficiency is my secret ingredient!  In my current role, I juggle 9 conference room schedules, handle 80 phone calls daily, and manage correspondence for senior team members. Last quarter, I introduced a new task management system, boosting office productivity by a mouth-watering 39%! 📈📆"

Other important things that you should keep in mind

Craft your story

Humans are naturally drawn to stories, and your pitch should be structured as a story as well. At a high level, it should consist of 3 parts:

  • Embracing Imperfections and Highlighting Strengths
    It's only natural to recognize that you might not meet every criterion for the job. There will inevitably be areas where you lack experience or skills. But how can you still position yourself as the ideal candidate?

The key lies in acknowledging these shortcomings and redirecting the focus towards your strengths.

💡Sample Answer: While I may not have extensive experience in managing a team, I want to emphasize my track record of successfully leading projects. My strong organizational skills, coupled with a genuine sense of empathy, make me confident that I can excel as a manager and contribute significantly to the team."
Now, Let's Keep It Real! 🤝🧐

Remember, don't be a braggart or a shrinking violet! Strike the perfect balance and serve up a confident, genuine answer that leaves them wanting more.

And most importantly, be yourself! Your unique flavor is what will make them say, "We've found the perfect addition to our team!" 🏆 So, go forth, my job hunters, and conquer that "Why should we hire you?" question like the champions you are! 🚀 Your next adventure awaits, and you've got the recipe for success!

🍽️ 👨🍳 Bon appétit! 🍲😉

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