Amazon Has Arrived In AI. Who Will Be The King? 👑

April 24, 2023

We've been waiting for it, but it looks like Amazon has finally joined the AI race! Why? Because AI-powered services are the future - especially when you're in the cloud industry. In fact, Morgan Stanley analysts predict that Google and Microsoft will be the largest beneficiaries of AI spending. With Azure and Google Cloud building their AI suites, Amazon can't be left behind. We have a Generative AI face-off!

Amazon recently announced Bedrock, a new cloud service that allows developers to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) systems into their software. This move finally puts Amazon in the race with Google and Microsoft, which have already provided developers access to large language models.

So, what makes Bedrock a game-changer? Developers can now utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) first-party language models called Titan and models from AI21, Anthropic, and Stability AI. This means tasks like generating text for blog posts and emails can now be effortlessly carried out.

👇 Bedrock’s Positioning

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy noted that companies want to use large language models without the hefty investment of time and resources it takes to train them. Bedrock provides a solid foundation for customization.

It aims to address accuracy issues and produce high-quality responses through its Titan models, unlike the hallucinations or confident mistakes made by OpenAI’s GPT. Clients can use custom data to fine-tune the models while ensuring their data remains secure and private.

Amazon hasn't disclosed Bedrock's pricing as it's currently in a limited-preview phase.

🔮 The AI Future Trend:

With the launch of Bedrock, Amazon takes a step towards competing with major tech firms in the world of AI and showcases the growth of AI-driven services in the industry.

🤔 The AI player calling the shots

So which company stands much to gain with all this AI explosion? Microsoft? Google?

My bet. It is Nvidia.

80% of all AI workloads currently work on Nvidia chips.

Did you know that the complete ChatGPT deployment on Azure relies on 30,000 Nvidia GPU? Elon Musk recently announced TruthGPT, which will only be trained using Nvidia GPUs. Hardware moats are easier to defend. There is a chance a better model than ChatGPT may come which can give better answers.

But a chip with the power of Nvidia GPU that can handle the intensive training. Much harder to beat?

🧠 Closing Thoughts

Amazon, Microsoft and Google are all going to fight over enterprise AI.

Who will give better data security? Who will provide a better sandbox so that enterprise-sensitive information is not leaked? While Adobe is trying to carve its space in the creative suite arena, Elon Musk with his X is trying to make inroads.

The interesting question of data copyright is again popping up. Elon is threatening to sue Microsoft for illegally training AI on Twitter data. Now Twitter data is actually user generated. Can they actually claim ownership? A very gray area.

For now, we wait and watch the show.

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