AI can make everyone a data analyst 📊

May 18, 2023

Hold onto your data, folks! For everyone can become a data analyst with AI. The AI landscape is evolving quickly, and OpenAI's latest offering is insane. Introducing the Code Interpreter🎉, a major update to GPT-4 that's revolutionizing how we work with data.

In simple terms, it's an intelligent AI tool that understands your plain English instructions and transforms them into incredible visualizations. All you have to do is upload files up to 100 MB, and let the Code Interpreter work its magic.

But wait, there's more! Let's discover firsthand, how it's going to shake things up for data analysts.

🔥 Code Interpreter in Action

Let's quickly go through these jaw-dropping examples from early testers: 

  • Lighthouse Glitz: After uploading a CSV file of U.S. lighthouse locations, a user asked for a twinkling-gif-map of those spots. Just moments later, the delightful animated map was born!
  • Crime Solver: With a CSV of SF crime data, visualizing trends is as easy as asking the Code Interpreter!
  • Music Market Strategy: Say goodbye to hours of coding! Just feed it a spreadsheet, and the AI will automatically segment music markets and devise strategies for each category.
  • Automated Linear Regression: Users can simply request "interesting hypotheses," and Code Interpreter will produce a well-constructed linear regression model (a model which predicts values given the data) without any human input.
  • Instant Visualizations: All those data exploration tasks that once took hours? Nailed in mere seconds! Oh, and it can fetch data from public databases like IMF and visualize it for you, too.
  • Data Cleaning Genius: No more tedious, manual choices. Code Interpreter handles data cleaning by making intelligent decisions like removing unnecessary columns.

🤔 What's next? 

For now, code interpreter is available for only ChatGPT plus subscribers. But wide-spread adoption is right around the corner. Microsoft plans to fold these AI capabilities into every Office program, so gear up for mass AI adoption at your workplace. Picture this: Automatically generated Word documents, Excel analyses, PowerPoint presentations (with DALL-E images!), and Microsoft Teams dishing out to-dos and improvement suggestions after each meeting. 

Long story short: AI isn't a distant dream anymore. Brace yourselves for rapid changes at work, ushered in by the power-packed duo of GPT-4 and Microsoft Copilot! 💼🚀

😃 AI Humour

Tool of the Day


As you wait for the code interpreter to be widely rolled out, you can try out the extension - Codeium. It is an AI powered code generator, that can help you complete your code and code faster than ever. You can also chat and get help for your coding.

💬 Prompt of the Day

Please do the following 5 stage process:
Stage 1: As an extremely creative idea generator, generate 10 diverse ideas for an app for a new type of GPT-4 that increases productivity for writing tasks. make the ideas very creative and aim at narrow, specific markets and professions that wouldn't be picked by the masses
Stage 2: Pick the best idea based on assumptions about the market and its feasibility. justify it
Stage 3: As a product designer, describe the steps required to make the product
Stage 4: As a marketer, develop a product name and pitch
Stage 5: Give me a vivid visual description of UX for the product


Reference: Joshua Gill. This prompt can help to develop creative ideas for your products.

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