6 AI-based Marketing Tools to blow your mind

January 20, 2023

I love working with different tools and also recommend that my team check them out. The right tools can help save a lot of your time and make you highly efficient.  

With the buzz around ChatGPT growing louder, I see a great scope for AI-based tools to augment our work. Let me share 6 tools with you today that make my mind go BOOM!!!

1. Murf

This tool is an AI Voice generator that can generate audio in 20 languages. It can help you create the perfect voiceover. You can use it for promotional videos, advertisements, product videos etc.

2. Jasper

When you have a lean content team with a heavy pipeline, this tool can be a great partner. The content the tool generates can act as a great foundation for the team to further refine it.

3. Synthesia

This is AI extended to video generation. If you want to create a basic product demo, a welcome message or product marketing, we can use this tool to quickly generate video from plain text.

Software is eating the world, but AI is going to eat software.

4. Seventh Sense

This tool works with your existing software like Hubspot to optimize the right time to send the email and improve email deliverability using artificial intelligence.

5. DeepL

Translate texts automatically from one language to another. Especially useful if you are marketing to a global audience and need to write copy in the local language.

6. Mem

Let AI organize your team's work—from meeting notes, and projects, to knowledge bases. Everything is instantly searchable and readily discoverable. Think of it as an evolving repository of the team's knowledge.

At the end of the day, the power of tools depends on the wielder. Without critical thinking, they won't help you create impact.

Did you know?

When you are giving something away as part of a promotion or for lead generation, say that it’s for “$0” or “at no cost” rather than “free” to increase conversions.

Source: Koo, J., & Suk, K. (December 2019). Is $0 Better than Free? Consumer Response to “$0” versus “Free” Framing of a Free Promotion. Journal of Retailing.

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