6 Helpful Tools to simplify your work

March 2, 2023

Welcome to a special edition of the newsletter. The amount of developments I am seeing in AI is insane. Everyone is developing a new business on top of AI or it is in development. Everyone - Microsoft & Google have already released their AI tools - Bing Chat and Bard. More are on the way from Meta, Snapchat, Baidu etc. Today I am sharing 6 more tools with you that can make your work easier. 

🧐  1. Tome

Tome is a company that focuses on storytelling. Based on user-generated prompts, they can create full presentations and use AI to rewrite a few slides or taglines. This has an excellent education use case - if you ask Tome to create a learning guide for a topic, it will do so. 

This innovation positions them as the first significant challenger to PowerPoint's dominance in the presentation software space. While this is an exciting development, Microsoft will likely need to respond to this competition to maintain its position in the market.

😎 2. Artifact

This new app from the founders of Instagram is a personalized new reader that can show articles based on the user’s preferences. Stay organized on latest trends in marketing and growth at a glance through this app. Think of it like TikTok but for text.

💡 3. Command J

You can select any piece of text from your chrome browser and process your text to rewrite it, summarize it, explain it better or make it shorter. Extremely good for rewriting emails or other documents without leaving the tab. All you have to do is to press Cmd (for Mac) / Alt (for Win) + J.

🤔 4. Prompt Vibes

This site is a collection of effective prompts that can be used for ChatGPT3. Especially check out the Marketing Prompts section. It contains decent prompts you can customize for your product or service and use in ChatGPT to get a good headstart for various needs like marketing plans, ad copy etc.

🤯 5. Kraftful

This tool can help summarize the user feedback out there and even answer your questions. Once you connect the app store reviews and connect the support ticket requests, AI will train on that information, and then you can ask and get answers to questions like which parts of your product your users like and don’t like.

😌 6. Transvribe

An excellent tool I came across, Transvribe is a good aid for people learning on YouTube. Plug in the youtube link of the video and ask questions that the interface can answer based on the content of the video.

Did you know?

The creative of your Facebook video ad should have a social-related meaning to increase the chances people will share it. For example, you can make an ad about community initiatives (i.e. “Share and help others”) or a feel-good message of hope. 

Source: Motoki, K., Suzuki, S., Kawashima, R., & Sugiura, M. (August 2020). A combination of self-reported data and social-related neural measures forecasts viral marketing success on social media. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 52, 99-117.

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