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How to become a product marketing manager?

March 17, 2023
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Wondering what it takes to be a product marketing manager? Does getting into product marketing require certification, or is it all about skills? These questions are what the following article precisely covers.

Product marketing management is a new yet rewarding role due to its versatile responsibilities. As of now, LinkedIn’s job site has over 7000 product marketing manager roles open to apply. But before we get into the exact pathway to break into product marketing management, let’s dive into the basics of the role.

What is product marketing?

Product marketing is a process at a product-oriented technology company that is responsible for generating a product’s demand to drive and sustain revenue. Product marketers and managers drive this demand by deeply understanding the market, their competitors, adoption methods, and implementing marketing strategies.

In simpler terms, product marketing is one of the core sectors of a product-based company. This makes it the centerpiece connecting the various departments, such as marketing, sales, and product development.

Who is a product marketing manager?

A product marketing manager (PMM) can be defined as a professional at a technology company responsible for researching and marketing a product or a product-line. The PMM could lead or head a team of product marketers or marketing professionals.

While the marketing department is solely responsible for building product awareness through lead generation and other strategies, a product marketing team is a whole different avenue.

They can be working under a product marketing manager and involved in in-depth research, leading the go-to-market strategy, working closely with the development team, and, most importantly, helping the company attract a consistent stream of revenue through successful product adoption.

What is a product marketing manager responsible for?

Let’s talk about some key responsibilities that come with being a product marketing manager.

  • Prepare useful documentation like product roadmaps, product briefs, etc., and presentations needed to keep all teams in sync.
  • Bridge any existing gaps between employees involved in the product and improve cross-communication across all teams and individuals.
  • Put essential information across all channels and collect feedback to understand potential bottlenecks. This lets product marketing managers improve their processes with time.
  • Create and publish product launch plans and participate in creating a fitting marketing strategy.
  • Perform go-to-market activities, such as competitor research, market trend analysis, product launch strategies, etc.
  • Develop compelling content for websites and communications around the product alongside marketing teams. This helps PMMs sharpen their product messaging and positioning strategies.
  • A product marketing manager must have digital marketing expertise in at least one channel and coordinate teams working around this channel.
  • Product marketing managers help manage and oversee go-live sessions while ensuring nobody that deviates from the product’s brief prior to delivery.

Top skills needed to break into product marketing management

It’s no secret that a wide range of roles and responsibilities do come with a certain skill set. And becoming a product marketing manager is not any different.

Here are some top skills that most companies look for and are a must if you plan to venture into product marketing management any time soon:

  1. Communication skills — Since product marketing managers operate in a loop between multiple teams and operate with external stakeholders, excellent communication skills make you a top competitor in the job market.
  2. Strong written skills with a mastery of English — As product marketing managers, your role includes drafting plenty of documentation, presentations, and case studies throughout the product life cycle. Therefore, companies look for strong written skills.
  3. Excellent researching skills — A deep understanding of customers and target markets start from researching. Product marketing managers must be on their toes studying the market dynamics, competition, and consumer needs.
  4. Project management — It goes without saying that as a product marketing manager, the ability to plan and manage teams should be a prerequisite. Having this skill ensures that the go-to-market strategies, product launches, and marketing campaigns operate smoothly until closure.
  5. Decision making — Product marketing managers must be able to evaluate resultant data and analytics to make decisions that boost the product’s marketability.
  6. Creative storytelling — Product marketing managers must be exceptional storytellers. Because they must help communicate the product’s offerings in a way that is relatable to the target audience and covers their pain points.
  7. Lead generation skills — Case studies play a major role in lead generation. As a product marketing manager, you are required to write high-converting case studies by conducting extensive client interviews.

The average salary of a product marketing manager

Based on our research, a product marketing manager’s salary can range anywhere between 6 LPA to 32 LPA. However, the average is currently 16 LPA, and considering the role’s growing popularity, it could skyrocket well beyond these numbers in the upcoming years.

How to land a product marketing manager job?

Here are some options you could get inspired from to land your first product marketing manager job:

1. Current company

If you’re already an employee at a product-based company, try mingling with fellow product marketers. Understand their daily tasks and their ‘path’ to becoming a product marketer or a product marketing manager.

If feasible, talk to your leadership about moving you to a product marketing role so that you could eventually jump to being a product marketing manager.

2. Education

Since product marketing is a highly professional skill, most leading companies look for undergraduates in marketing, management, or any business role, although the field may not entirely be a prerequisite. So ensure that you at least have a bachelor’s degree handy.

3. Get certified through trainings

Getting certified is a big stepping stone and a major indicator of your acquired skills. Certified trainings and professional certification courses in product marketing management can help you crack interviews and showcase your undying interest in product marketing to hiring managers.

4. Build and develop your skills

As we saw, being a product marketing manager is no easy feat. It comes with a whole lot of skills and responsibilities. Be it through side projects like freelancing or volunteering within your company, brush up your skills to gain a solid hands-on experience in product marketing and management.

Through these side projects, get references you can showcase on your resume to land your dream job.

5. Network

Join communities and network with other product marketing professionals to understand their points of view and the ins and outs of marketing. Networking lets you build strong connections and expands your network, and as a result, you could get referred for various job openings.

Wrapping up

A product marketing manager’s job is one of the most technical roles currently in marketing. It is also one of the most rewarding jobs and not just financially.

You help your company bring products from vision to reality, make a massive impact on customers, and play a major part in your company’s revenue. Level up the needed skills through professional courses and network with successful product marketers to fasten your route to being a product marketing manager.

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