Key Outcomes

Leverage the power of LinkedIn to build your own personal brand
Get top quality leads without spending a dollar in ads
Get approached by prospects/ recruiters instead you approaching them
Generate more leads for your business
Reach more people organically

Hear it from the Learners

Still wondering if this Crash course is for you?

First of all - No, LinkedIn is not only for people looking for jobs LinkedIn is a mecca when it comes to lead generation organically

What will you learn

module 1

The Powerful Client Snipper Method

Will help you find your exact potential clients on LinkedIn without spending a dollar in ads (unlike Facebook )
Led to 1786 leads for my brand in just last 45 days
module 2

The 100M Content Formula

Step by step LinkedIn content writing syntax to drive 4X engagement
Generated 100M+ views on my content & 20M+ on my students’ content.
module 3

Acceptance rate sky rocket formula

Strategy to get accepted by top CXO's on LinkedIn
76% increase in acceptance rate on average
module 4

LinkedIn Profile Funnel Optimisation

Will help you rank your profile on the LinkedIn search and generate you inbound leads like clockwork
Generates my profile 7,800+ search appearance every week leading to a ton of inbound leads
module 5

The 7-Touchpoint Outbound System

Nurture connections by engaging with them before you send them your first message, resulting in skyrocketed conversions
Generated my client $35,000 in sales in a month of applying this
module 6

Step by step content guidelines

The exact blueprint to create and post content on LinkedIn from starters to pro
Lead to 240,000+ page views on my website just via LinkedIn
module 7

Million-Dollar Lead Generation Process

Helps you search and connect with open-wallet leads and unlocks thousands of leads that are keen to work with you
Generated over 2,00,00,000 in revenue for me and my clients using the above process.
module 8

Reverse engineering TG OPN technique

Steal your competitors’ leads and customers using growth hacking.
Generated my client 40M in revenue using this technique.

Before you ask!

Yes! You will be certified for this workshop on submission of your assignment.

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Outreach scripts and cover image templates to dominate LinkedIn
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The secret to beat your LinkedIn search competition in less than 30 minutes
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Ultimate hack to get anyone’s LinkedIn email and send automated email sequences
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My top 5 brand-building LinkedIn tools and how to use them
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Meet your Mentor

Vaibhav Sisinty
Founder, GrowthSchool
I turn startups into profitab...
Vaibhav Sisinty
Founder, GrowthSchool
  • Vaibhav is a visionary entrepreneur in business growth and internet marketing
  • He has a track record of turning startups into profitable businesses and providing growth consulting for top brands
  • He leverages the internet to boost profitability and is a true force in the industry
  • At age 19, he founded CrazyHeads, a digital media company that drove growth and profitability for over 100 clients globally
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Learn secrets to skyrocket your LinkedIn Growth

by Vaibhav Sisinty
Founder, GrowthSchool
5 days
DEC 3rd, 2023
7PM IST (3 hour stream)
Pre-recorded videos + Zoom QnA
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GrowthSchool is where you become the top 1% in your field. We bring the best of Product, Growth, Design, Tech, data and business mentors from brands like Google, Meta, Uber etc doing the jobs you want to do tomorrow.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this be live or pre-recorded?
A mix of both. Every day (all 5 Days) you’ll get the Session pre-recorded Videos.

2 days there’ll be interactive sessions. One taught by Vaibhav which will be a 2.5 hour long Mega Webinar where you'll learn advanced linkedin growth hacks and tactics for which you won't receive any recordings.

The other session will be taken live by his team which will be a QnA to answer and clarify all your doubts and queries at the end of the workshop.
I have a full time job, not sure if I can make it. Will you be sharing recordings?
Yes! You’ll receive recordings of 5 day classes. Please note, there would be no recording of the live sessions.
Is this workshop an advanced linkedin growth hacking program?
It’s not a super advanced workshop. It’s for people getting started and streamlining their LinkedIn efforts. You won’t be taught any crazy growth hacking or advanced automation.
Would there be any certificate on completion?
Yes! You will receive a certificate on completion.
I made the payment but didn’t receive any email
Please write to :, our awesome support team will get back to you in 24 hours.
When can I receive the bonus?
You will get access to all the bonuses during live sessions.
Will I get a recording of all the sessions?
The sessions are time gated for consumption and are the essence of the GrowthSchool Experience. Hence we won’t be providing recordings for the sessions. The idea is to remove procrastination completely and make you take action and completely watch the session & make the most out of it.
Can I ask my questions to the mentor in the session?
There will be a dedicated session only for QnAs with your mentors where you can ask all your doubts/questions to the mentor in real-time and interact with him/her.
Offer ends in 00:00:21
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